What are your open hours?

Monday to Friday  9am – 5pm EST

What is your Delivery Time? 

Due to unprecedented demand, please allow us up to 10-15 working days for printing and delivery.

Can I Split my Orders?

Can i have two different names (2 x 500) on 1000 cards order? No, this is because we can only set up one artwork for one order. If you need 2 names, it means we need to set up two different artworks. So you will need to order 1000 cards twice.

What’s the difference between Laminate and Celloglaze?

They are the same, it’s just a different term people use.

Can I have printing on the back of my Business Card? 

Printed black and white on the reverse side at no extra cost, if required.

How much does delivery cost?

Between $18 – $33 depending on the size of your order, anywhere in Australia.

What format should my artwork be in?

All the details in regard to artwork requirements are on the Read More page of each product. Alternatively we can design your artwork for you to give your design a professional touch.

Can you print smaller quantities?

To sell at the best possible prices we print in bulk, meaning we have decided on certain quantities and types of printing products.

Can I design my own artwork?

Yes you can design your own artwork. Please refer to Read More page of the desired product.

Can I scan my old printing and send it to you?

This is possible, but it will not produce the best results. If you are doing this, please make sure your scan is at least 300dpi.

What payment methods do you accept & Which is the best payment method?

Credit Card  – Online or via Fax

Cheque – Via the Post
(Please allow up to 7 days to clear)

Direct deposit – Payment made direct into our Bank Account, please fax receipt of payment once transferred

The best payment method is Credit Card or Direct Deposit.

How do I place my order?

By sending us en email to sales@hdgroup.com.au

How do I send my artwork?

Artwork can be sent via e-mail to sales@hdgroup.com.au

How & when do I pay?

Our terms of payment are strictly 50% deposit at time of order, balance of delivery. If paying by cheque, full payment is required at time of ordering

I don’t live in Australia or NZ can you ship overseas?

Sorry, we are only servicing Australia & NZ at this stage.

What is CMYK or RGB?

CMYK stands for Cyan Magenta Yellow Black. The CMYK colour model is based on printing and ink absorbing into paper. To gain the greatest number of printable colours, from the fewest number of inks, CMYK colour printing is used. By using varying amounts of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, a great number of colours can be printed. Most full colour printed materials, magazines, posters, packaging, are printed using just the 4 CMYK inks. Here the level of ink is measured from 0% to 100%. As an example, orange would be represented by 0% Cyan 50% Magenta 100% Yellow and 0% Black.

RGB stands for Red Green Blue and are the colours used to create colours on TV’s / monitors etc.

Bleed and why its important?

Bleeds enable you to print right to the edge of the paper. To create your own bleed template make your work area 3mm bigger around the outside and draw a border, this is where the guillotine will chop your job.
Always force your design over the bleed area if you want to print to the edge.

What software should I use?

Which ever software is easiest for you to use. We recommend using a vector based software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Quark etc. If your software can export to PDF/EPS (fonts converted to curves) or TIFF this is fine. It is recommended that you work in CMYK colours as the colours may change slightly when we convert to this.

What stock (paper) do you print on?

Our Business Cards are printed on 310gsm gloss art board.
Our Magnetised Calendars are printed on 300gsm gloss art board.

Have another Question?

If we haven’t answered your question you can email us at sales@hdgroup.com.au  and we will respond within 48 hours.